The Many Benefits of Sealcoating

Sealcoating vs. Unsealed Parking Lot

Sealcoating protects a parking lot and makes it look fresh, new, and clean.

Sealcoating a thin liquid layer added over a paved surface serves to protect it from damage caused by UV rays, rain and snow, and fluids from vehicles.  Sealcoating won’t cure existing issues, like cracks, but it will help prevent such damage from forming in the first place. Aside from keeping out damaging elements, properly applying a sealcoat is important to extend the life of asphalt paving. Sealcoating protects and prolongs the life expectancy of asphalt pavement by filling surface damage and providing a protective layer to keep out damaging UV rays, vehicle fluids and water.

Advantages of Sealcoating

  • The low cost of regular sealcoating can save you money in the long run. A properly maintained and sealed asphalt surface has an extended lifetime and reduces long-term repair costs.
  • With exposure to the elements, asphalt over time becomes faded in appearance. A fresh sealcoat application enhances the appearance of asphalt, making it look and wear like new.
  • Sealcoating accelerates the melting process of snow and ice on pavement surfaces. This helps to protect against water penetration, rain, frost, and snow damage.
  • To properly complete the sealcoating process, the air and pavement temperature is recommended to be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of application and for eight hours following the application.

Types of Sealcoating

There are two main products available: coal tar sealers and asphalt emulsion coatings. The first one is cheaper and will require more product management when it is being applied. If you are concerned about fuel and chemical spills, this is the one to use, if not you might want to use the asphalt emulsion type. This type of sealer is easier to apply but won’t create a great protection layer against chemical spills and will also emit less volatile organic compounds VOCs than regular coal-tar-based products. It is important to know that the more solids in the product, the better quality the sealant might have. Be sure to verify manufacturer’s recommendations before buying the product and make sure it is intended for your use.

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