The Ins and Outs of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

A savvy businessperson knows that taking care of your business’ property is vital. It creates a welcoming environment for clients and shows that you put care, time, and energy into every aspect of your work. That’s why it’s worth spending the time to maintain your property’s asphalt pavement. Everyone knows that when a road’s condition deteriorates beyond a certain point, people won’t want to drive there, and less foot traffic means less business. PTG paving is here to stop pavement destruction before it starts with a bit of preventative maintenance advice.asphalt pavement maintenance

Crack Filling

While there’s ultimately no way to prevent the damage caused by the seasonal freeze-thaw cycle that causes most asphalt pavement damage, it can be quickly mitigated with crack filling. The process involves blowing out, cleaning, and then refilling cracks with one of a wide variety of emulsions, cements, or asphalt-variants which prevents water intrusion.  It’s best used on wider cracks and the filling has a life expectancy of slightly less than 3 years.

Crack Sealing

A step that goes beyond crack filling, sealing provides a longer term solution. Crack sealing involves widening the crack substantially to about a  0.5-inch by 0.5-inch to 0.75-inch by 0.75-inch square. This space is then filled with rubberized asphalt material. The larger trench provides greater flexibility during thermal changes, as does the rubberized asphalt. Crack sealant is graded based on climate and temperature, so it’s important to apply one that works in your area’s specific environment. Crack Sealant has a life expectancy of about 3-5 years and is an excellent asphalt pavement maintenance option.

Surface Treatment

Also available in a slew of options, surface treatments can be used to repair and reinforce against small scale environmental damage over a larger area. Using emulsified asphalt that is usually either mixed with, or immediately followed by, a fine aggregate, several layers are applied to a large area. The surface treatment will fill small cracks and can penetrate into the asphalt pavement, waterproofing the surface and reinforcing the base while increasing overall elemental resistance.

Dangerous DIY

While it is possible to attempt these kinds of preventative measures yourself, improper mixing or application of the materials could be hazardous and ultimately make your asphalt less safe than before. That’s why it’s best to consult and hire a professional contractor for your asphalt pavement maintenance projects.

The asphalt paving experts at PTG Enterprises have managed hundreds of pavement projects throughout Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. You can expect a fair proposal, professionalism, and quality work.

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