Property Managers in Maryland should start scheduling Spring Inspections

Spring inspections help property managers throughout Maryland identify areas of immediate need.

Spring has finally sprung…sort of. While spring officially started on the March 20th, we still have one more snow storm in the forecast in Maryland. It is the perfect end to one of the worst winters in recent memory. As we mentioned in last week’s blog, the freeze-thaw damage on Maryland roads and parking lots is very noticeable this year. There are potholes and cracks everywhere! The snow and ice sure did a number on roads, parking lots, and sidewalks throughout the state…

Property Managers in Maryland should start scheduling Spring Inspections

Property managers everywhere know what spring means; it’s time to deal with the aftermath of winter: potholes, pavement cracks, de-icing chemical damage, faded parking lot striping, damaged curbs, storm drain collapses, bent signage, and more. Each of these areas poses a threat to your customer, clients, or tenants, a threat that you could be held liable for.

“All Maryland businesses, corporations, employers and business owners have a legal obligation and responsibility to properly maintain all areas of their property. This includes parking lots, driveways and sidewalks,” warns a Maryland attorney.

This is why it is important to schedule spring inspections as soon as the weather clears up. Not only will this help you avoid potential lawsuits, but it will prevent the asphalt and concrete damage from worsening over time.


Maryland Spring Inspections

Spring Inspections with PTG Enterprises

Located in Linthicum, Maryland, PTG Enterprises specializes in concrete and asphalt repair. We can also handle all of your striping and signage needs. When you schedule your spring inspections with us, owner Patrick Gillen will walk your property, examine your pavement, and provide his recommendations for repairs.

You’ll receive a thorough, detailed estimate and proposal written in an easy to understand format. Of course, you do not have to make all of your repairs at once. We will prioritize everything to help you better budget.

The next step is simple: we’ll show up as scheduled, perform the project as contracted, and leave the client satisfied!

If you have any questions about Spring Inspections in Maryland, please contact PTG Enterprises aka My Pavement Guy today by calling 410-636-8777, or click here today! You can also follow PTG Enterprises on Facebook and Twitter!

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