The Life Cycle Of An Average Asphalt Parking Lot

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Learn more about the life cycle of an average asphalt parking lot.

Have you ever wondered about the expected lifespan of your parking lot? The average lifespan of a parking area can vary depending on factors like care and environment, but often it follows a straightforward pattern that you can use as a guideline for planning care and treatment. In general, a well cared for parking lot should last 25 years, but there are a few exceptions.

Ages 0-5 

In the early years of having your asphalt parking area, you’re unlikely to notice many issues unless there were manufacturing problems or significant outside damage. A few small cracks may develop towards the end of the period, and you may see some fading, but overall, it will stay in near-perfect condition. 

Ages 5-7  

Once you get past the five-year mark, it’s time to start considering care. Treatments like seal coating and crack sealing will help keep your parking lot in prime condition. If you live in areas with extreme winter weather, you may need to take extra precautions to counteract the damage from salt and plowing. 

Ages 7-15 

Once you pass the decade mark, you’ll begin to see more significant signs of wear. Depending on the level of use and exposure your lot has faced, you may find that it’s time for repairs and patching. 

Ages 15-25 

By the time you reach the 15th year, you’ll begin to notice that your lot requires more significant care. Options like sealing and resurfacing can help extend the life of the area longer. 

Ages 25-35 

With plenty of love and care, your parking lot may make its way into its late 20’s with use left in it! Once you get to this age, asphalt starts to become more brittle, and when issues arise, they may take more to fix. Often you’ll have extensive repairs, structural damage, and may simply need to start fresh

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