Asphalt Index 101: What It Is And How It Affects You

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Learn more about the asphalt index and how it affects you.

Have you noticed that the price of asphalt changes frequently? This is because the cost of asphalt is dictated by the Asphalt Index, which changes every month. Maryland’s asphalt index is determined by The Maryland Asphalt Association, which updates its website every month with the new price. As of June 1, 2018, the Maryland asphalt index is $516.67. Continue reading to learn more about the asphalt index and how it affects you.  

How Pricing Changes

Once the Maryland Asphalt Association determines the price of asphalt for the month, that indexed price will stay the same for the entire month. The Maryland Asphalt Association is dedicated to the development and advancement of quality Hot Mix Asphalt pavement construction. When a new month begins, the price may change based on the price of liquid asphalt at the time. Liquid asphalt prices often fluctuate, which is why the price of asphalt for contractors and paving projects will change from month to month. Click here to see how the pricing of asphalt changed each year since 2000.

What Affects The Price Of Asphalt

There are many factors that affect the price of asphalt, including environmental regulations, construction activity, crude oil price, and global and local economies. Since there are so many factors, it’s important to be aware of how the price of asphalt may vary from month to month.

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