5 Things That May Be Ruining Your Asphalt

 Learn about five things that may be ruining your asphalt.

Learn about five things that may be ruining your asphalt.

Your parking lot is an important part of your business, as it gives your customers an easy place to park so they can access your store or office. If it has a lot of potholes that need to be filled, however, it will reflect poorly on your business and brand. It could also be a liability if someone gets injured in your lot. But what kinds of things can damage your asphalt? Actually, a lot of things, since asphalt starts degrading as soon as it goes down. So if you are worried about what can damage your asphalt and the first impression it produces, read on. 


Weather is one of the biggest factors that can damage asphalt, and water is a huge part of this. Rainwater, snow runoff, and even spray from sprinkler systems can seep into the asphalt and damage it over time. In the winter, the freeze-thaw action of the water on and in the asphalt can cause cracks and huge damage. 

The Sun

Even the sun can cause issues for asphalt pavement. The binder that holds the asphalt together is susceptible to UV damage. Once it starts to break down, the other factors that can damage asphalt become even bigger issues.


Next, the changing temperatures of the seasons in cold climates can decrease the stability of asphalt. As mentioned above, any water in the asphalt can freeze during cold snaps and cause damage when it expands. Excessively dry and hot conditions can also break down asphalt. Even the presence of oxygen starts breaking it down and makes it more susceptible to other damage.

Vehicle Damage

Vehicles can also be a source of damage to your asphalt. Once asphalt starts oxidizing, it is more likely to be damaged by very heavy vehicles. This could include delivery trucks or the trash truck, which you probably have on your lot at least once a week, if not more often. The significant weight of those big trucks can compact and damage the asphalt if it is already weakened. Even small vehicles can cause some damage if they leak any fluids. Oil, especially, is corrosive and can degrade the asphalt.

Installation Issues

If the asphalt wasn’t installed correctly, it may breakdown more quickly. Common issues include improper compactions or asphalt mix. The lot also needs a proper sub-base for water to drain correctly and so that there are no soft spots that become issues over time. 


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