4 Ways to Prepare Your Asphalt for Cold Weather

a pothole filled with rainwater

Repair potholes in your asphalt now before winter weather increases damage.

Autumn has just begun, which means it is the perfect time to start protecting your asphalt for the winter months. Asphalt maintenance is crucial year-round to keeping professional and safe roads and parking lots, but cold weather prevents much maintenance during the winter months. What you can do instead is to prepare your asphalt before the snow or ice comes. This way, your asphalt has a better chance of retaining its quality into the springtime. There are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your asphalt for heavy winter weather. 

Clean Up the Area

Cleaning sounds simple, and it is! However, it’s a step that shouldn’t be overlooked because of its simplicity. Removing trash and refuse on the asphalt prevents those items from becoming dangerous if strong winds blow them around, or ice freezes onto them. No waste also means snow cleanup will be easier and cleaner. 

Fill Cracks and Apply Sealcoat

If you go into the winter months with open cracks in your asphalt, snow can collect there and later become ice. These icy collections are a safety hazard to people and can damage the asphalt further by expanding the cracks. PTG Enterprises offers Hot Pour Crack Fills which help guarantee that no water penetrates your asphalt. Additionally, applying a sealcoat with PTG re-beautifies your asphalt while adding an extra layer of protection from all-natural elements. 

Repair Potholes

Potholes are unappealing and unsafe in any weather, so it is especially important to repair them before they have a chance to be filled with snow or ice. When left alone potholes can cause serious damage to the integrity of your asphalt. PTG Enterprises offers efficient patching services to remove potholes from your property. 

Notice Pooling Water

Now is an excellent time to check for pooling water on your asphalt. In the winter, that water can quickly become large patches of ice which cars can slide across, and people can slip on. Water pooling is caused by dips or drops in the asphalt and needs professional repairs to be entirely removed. PTG’s professional estimators can work with you to develop a solution to your pooling problems. 

Maintenance You Can Trust from PTG Enterprises

If you want to protect your pavement and ensure it has a long lifespan, choose PTG Enterprises for your community sidewalks, parking lots and pavement maintenance needs. We offer commercial concrete, asphalt, masonry, paving, consultation, and survey report services throughout Baltimore, Harford, Anne Arundel, Howard, and P.G. Counties. If you are interested in hearing how we can help you, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 636-8777. For more tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Flickr.


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