Four Types Of Asphalt Repairs

Mill and pave

Learn about four types of asphalt repairs.

No matter how well your asphalt is installed and cared for, over time, it will need repairs. In the Maryland area, we have a reasonably diverse climate range. Quick freezes and thaws can be common for us in winter, and while this makes for a fairly temperate environment, it is hard on concrete and asphalt. Knowing how to identify problems and anticipate repairs can help ensure that your home or commercial asphalt stays in better condition. Remember, the sooner issues are addressed, the less impact they will have on the surrounding areas. If cracks and potholes are left too long, they can grow and create more serious issues that can lead to full repavement rather than simple fixes. 


If you’re having drainage problems or small cracks or breaks in spaces under two inches wide, using a patching technique will allow for a temporary solution. A small amount of fresh asphalt is added into the damaged space to act as a type of bandaid. This solution is best for driveways and parking lots. 

Peeling and Paving 

If there are areas where the damage is substantial – think large potholes and spaces with significant cracks – a peeling and paving method is best. As a part of this process, small sections of the asphalt will be, and the space will be filled with fresh asphalt to repave. 


As a cheaper option than fully paving over your existing asphalt, resurfacing is an excellent option if there is extensive, but not critical, damage. Resurfacing will increase the lifespan of your asphalt considerably, but you should consult with a specialist to make sure it’s the right choice for you. 

Milling And Paving 

In some cases, the best option is to start fresh by removing the old, damaged material and repaving. If you see new problems sprout up repeatedly, or if the cost of repairs is adding up, repaving may wind up being the most effective option. 

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