The Complete Process For Asphalt Installation

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Learn about the complete process for asphalt installation

If you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, it’s a good idea to be informed about the asphalt installation process and learn how it works. There are many steps in the complete process, from demolition and removal to the final roll. Continue reading to learn more about the very important asphalt installation process.


Before installing asphalt, the first step is to remove the existing surface. The surface may be concrete, pavers, or asphalt, and the demolition is completed with the help of heavy machinery. The debris from the existing surface is removed, and old asphalt and concrete can be recycled to make a new, stronger asphalt.


The next step is to prepare the surface for water drainage with grading and sloping. Proper water drainage of a parking lot is crucial, as standing water can cause major damage to your asphalt, including large potholes and cracks.

Sub Base and Binder Layer

The sub-base is actually the most important part of the asphalt installation process, as it provides a stable surface for the new pavement. The sub-base also is also a frost barrier that helps to reduce freezing and thawing damage.

Once the sub-base is laid, the next step is the binder layer. This layer is very strong and durable, and is essentially the strength of a new asphalt surface.

Install New Asphalt

Once all of the supportive layers are installed, it’s time for the final layer of fresh asphalt to give a smooth and clean finish. The new layer of asphalt provides a jet-black, attractive look to any parking lot. However, the work isn’t done yet, as most asphalt surfaces must be connected to old roadways or other areas of the parking lot. These areas where old asphalt or concrete meets new asphalt are called butt joints, and it’s important that customers or visitors don’t notice a difference in the surfaces.

Final Roll

The last step of the asphalt installation is the final roll, as a roller truck smooths the new pavement surface. This is a crucial last step to ensure there are no stones or bumps are poking through the asphalt.

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