ADA Compliance – What Are You Liable For?

ADA Compliance

Learn about ADA parking lot regulations.

Is your parking lot compliant with ADA Title III? ADA compliance is a federal requirement as of 2012, and violations can result in fines or potential lawsuits for property owners. Continue reading to learn more about ADA compliance and what you and your parking lot are liable for.

ADA Parking Lot Regulations

The ADA has regulations that apply specifically to parking lots, including:

  • Section 36.304 requires that barriers need to be removed from public buildings and areas. This includes creating designated accessible parking spaces, installing an entrance ramp, and other architectural changes to enhance accessibility.
  • Section 4.1.2 requires that one of every eight parking spaces in a given parking lot be “designed with adequate adjacent space to deploy a lift used with a van.” This means the spot must have extra space on the left and right side, as well as a sign indicating the space is van accessible.

Benefits of Bollard Signage

As a property owner, you want your parking lot to be as safe and orderly as possible, to ensure that your customers and employees are protected. Bollard signage can serve many functions in parking lot traffic management, but handicap parking and signage is the most important type. Handicap signage is federally mandated, and the visibility of handicap parking is important for customer safety. This is why most bollard signs are color-coded, while bright blue Post Guard covers to clearly distinguish an accessible parking spot from the rest.

Benefits Of Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are also important for accessible parking spots, as they are colored to be highly visible and help to further designate the parking spot. However, wheel stops can be beneficial for all commercial parking lots, as they prevent car accidents while helping to control the flow of traffic. Wheel stops make sure that drivers don’t pull too far forward in the parking spaces, which may stop them from hitting another cars’ bumper.

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