Can Sealcoating Be Applied in the Winter?

Sealcoating WinterAccording to Google, sealcoating is “the application of a sealing coat to a paved surface in order to prolong its integrity.” In simpler terms, a sealcoat protects newly paved roads, parking lots, and driveways from external damage such as ice, sun rays, and normal pedestrian and automobile traffic. Commercial asphalt contractors use sealcoating as a preventative maintenance mechanism.

Winter sealcoating

Winter is not always the best time for sealcoating, because the air temperature as well as pavement temperature has to be above 50°F and below 85°F. This is well above the freezing point (32°F) and would not hold up like its purpose. Many companies know that contracting in the winter is less costly than spring and summer months, but we advise to wait for paving and applying a seal coat until the air becomes warmer. The ideal time that PTG Enterprises is able to apply a sealcoat is in March, given that the groundhog didn’t see his shadow. Late March would be the safest bet, with an ending time frame of early November.

Why sealcoating?

Sealcoating protects the nice, rich black color of the asphalt. It gives a cleaner appearance and keeps the road or lot smooth and easy to drive (or walk) over. Think about all of the salt you put down before, during, and after it snows to melt the ice. Now picture people walking on the salt, grinding it into the beautiful new paved lot you just paid for. Sealcoating is an extra layer of protection for your well-spent dollars. When you apply sealcoating, you ultimately save money in the long run since you will not have to re-do the entire lot as frequently.

Sealcoating to survive a harsh winter

Preventative maintenance on your commercial paved lot should be a given if you want customers to glide in and out easily. Sealcoating the top every two to seven years is a good way to do so. The more natural forces work against your lot, the more often you should have the lot sealcoated. Potholes, especially in Baltimore, are the worst obstacles to drive over. You cringe, knowing your tires are taking a beating. A sealcoated parking lot or road will not contain potholes, and will not need to be patched. During the winter, snow will melt more quickly on a sealed lot as opposed to an unsealed parking lot.

Sealcoating from PTG Enterprises

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