How To Protect Your Concrete Against The Harsh Effects Of Winter

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Learn how to protect your concrete against the harsh effects of winter.

The cold temperature and harsh effects of winter can cause significant damage to concrete, so knowing how to protect concrete on your property is crucial. Continue reading for a few important tips on how to protect your concrete against snow and ice before winter arrives.

Sealing Concrete

Whether you have concrete foundations, sidewalks, or driveways, using sealer is one of the best ways to protect it. Sealing the slab once it cures after being poured is the best method. How soon you should seal concrete after pouring it will depend on the sealer used. There is a variety of concrete sealers available, so you will be able to find one that fits your property’s needs. Sealing concrete protects it against the effects of winter as it prevents moisture and salt from affecting the integrity of the material.

No Salt

Many people pour salt on their parking lots and sidewalks when it snows or the pavement is icy, but salt can actually cause concrete damage. Concrete is porous, which means that it can absorb water when ice and snow melt, including any salt it contains. The salt mixture then refreezes inside the concrete, which results in the material expanding and cracking. You may not see deterioration right away, but the deicing chemicals will reduce the stiffness and strength of the concrete over time.

Remove Snow

If rock salt was your main way of removing ice or snow, you need another option to deice concrete slabs. The best way to remove snow from concrete is to use a shovel or snow blower before it has a chance to melt and form ice patches. Then you can scatter fine gravel or sand over the concrete areas for added traction to keep the space as safe as possible. While this method takes a little more time and effort, it is worth it to keep your concrete in good condition throughout the winter.

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