How does Salt affect the Road and my Car?

With this past snow storm, you have undoubtedly noticed all of the salt on the roads. You know it is there to help melt the ice, providing better traction, but how does it work? How does salt affect the road? And if it is so powerful, how will salt affect my car?

How does Salt affect the Road?

How does Salt affect the Road?

The salt you see on the road is, at least in terms of its chemical composition, almost the exact same stuff you’d find on your dinner table. Both are primarily composed of sodium chloride. Table salt, however, also contains some iodine. Tock salt, the salt found on roads, is also not as refined as table salt.

So how does salt affect the roads?

Salt and snow do not mix. Salt lowers water’s freezing point, causing any ice already formed to melt. This is true even when the temperature is still below freezing. The melted ice, meanwhile, forms a brine solution which flows under the ice, breaking the bond between the two.However, salting the roads does have one drawback. If salt has such a profound effect on the road, just imagine what it will do to your car.

How does Salt affect my Car?

Unless you take the proper precautions, salt can wreak havoc on your car, causing major body and undercarriage damage.

  1. Wash your car in the fall and apply a coat of wax and wax sealant. This will help shield your car from the salt.
  2. Seal the undercarriage. You can buy a product to do this, or you can have it done professionally.
  3. Take your car to the carwash often, especially after it snows. It is important to wash salt off as soon as possible. Be sure to have your car re-waxed and sealed, as well.

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